Give peace a try.

Okay.  Something crazy is happening currently in my city and surrounding communities – school safety issues.  A 14-year old student threatened to shoot up a high school, got caught, went to court…and got 60 days probation.  Are you kidding me right now?  Another incident happened at a K-12 school where someone vandalized school property and made a threat to the innocent, and provided a specific date.  That date is today.

Hundreds of children are staying home from school today, and I don’t blame the parents in the least.  With everything that has been happening in North America schools/media, you can never be too sure.  School is scary enough on its own, without these types of threats.  I don’t understand why people make these threats or take these extreme actions.  I think there needs to be more done inside and outside of schools in regards to bullying and school safety.  Obviously these poor souls are tortured and this needs to stop.  Each time I hear of a situation such as the ones I have mentioned, my first thought is “What is wrong with people these days?”

What is wrong with people?  I believe it is bullying.  These “crazy” people may actually be crazy, but chances are, they are just hurting.  Bullied at school, bullied at home, neglected, etc.  So how do we stop bullying?  By caring for one another.  Seriously.  If everyone was treated with genuine kindness and respect, nobody would feel so sad and toxic.  I realize this is asking a bit much, and I know you’re all “Is she on drugs? I bet she believes in unicorns farting rainbows, too.”  No.  I just think that if everyone was nice enough to show an ounce of kindness to one another, the world would be a happier, more peaceful place.  Give peace a try.


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